Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays - Holiday Fit List + FlipBelt Code!

Happy Holidays!  I hope that you are taking time to enjoy the holiday season!  Things have been a bit busy around here, but I am doing my best to take some time for me to truly enjoy the season.  I did participate in the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k this past Sunday and I look forward to sharing more about that in a future post!  If you are finishing up your holiday shopping (or if you haven't started yet), I wanted to share a few gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast and runners in your life.

  • FlipBelt:  What is a FlipBelt you ask?  It is a tubular band worn around your waist that is designed with several easy access openings to securely hold your phone, music, keys, and other workout essentials (energy gels, etc...) while you are active.  It's made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend and is machine washable, which is a huge plus in my book!  I have heard great things about FlipBelts and I've had my eye on the hot pink one for quite some time, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try one through my affiliation with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  I wore my FlipBelt on Sunday during the Hot Chocolate 15K and I'm in love!  It was so nice not having to wear my armband, particularly since I like to take a lot of pictures during races.  Getting my phone in and out of the FlipBelt was so easy!  I loved how secure my keys, GU, and phone felt in the FlipBelt.  The FlipBelt stayed in place and it didn't chafe, which is another plus in my book.  I also love that the FlipBelt comes in so many different, fun colors!  It's the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast on your list!  Head on over to the FlipBelt website to place your order and use code Sweat10 for 10% off your order.  I also have 15 codes for 33% off that I will be glad to share to the first 15 people who comment below!  (Note: I received a free FlipBelt in conjunction with a SweatPink Ambassador Campaign.  All opinions are my own.) 
Love my hot pink FlipBelt
Modeling the openings and clip for your keys
The FlipBelt is perfect for my Aquaphor and GU (and keys and phone not pictured) 
  • If the fitness enthusiast in your life has reached a special milestone this year or participated in a special race, consider a gift to commemorate the occasion!  My friend, Mary, also happened to be my Secret Santa at work and she got me an awesome 13.1 ornament to mark my two half marathons in 2014.  Another great option to commemorate special milestones and races is jewelry from Scott James Jewelry.  I have a necklace from Scott James with a running shoe and a 13.1 charm, but I also have my eye on two additional charms, the Ragnar logo charm and the Napa Valley charm!  Scott James also has Zooma charms and other beautiful charms, too. 
This special ornament is going to be a treasured addition to my tree!
  • I think a great pair of earbuds are a must for anyone with an active lifestyle and my personal favorites are Yurbuds.  After trying a multitude of earbuds only to be disappointed, I was a bit skeptical about Yurbuds, but I was sold after my first workout using them.  They do not fall out and they are incredibly comfortable!  I've had my pink pair for years, but I've got my eye on the newer models that have the tangle-free magnets and one-touch music and call control!  
  • There is nothing better for tired, sore legs (at least to this girl) following a run than compression socks!  I received a pair of 110% Flat Out Sox as part of my swag for Napa Valley Ragnar Badass Mother Runner team and I am obsessed with them.  In fact, I bought myself another pair, because I wear them so much and it is nice to have a clean pair when the other pair is going through the wash.  This is a great gift for the runner on your list! 
    Happy feet in my 110% Flat Out Sox
  •  Lastly, another perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast on your holiday shopping list is a gift card to a local sporting goods store or local running store.  I always seem to be adding to my running wish-list and with the ever changing technology and apparel in the fitness world, a gift card makes a great gift.  My Secret Santa, Mary, also added in a gift card to my favorite local running store (Big River Running) along with my ornament and I can't wait to go spend it! 
Happy Shopping to me!
I hope the above suggestions help with your holiday shopping!  Or maybe they will help you with your own post-holiday shopping!

Don't forget to comment below if you would like me to send you one of the FlipBelt 33% off codes!  Codes will be available to the first 15 people who comment below.

Happy Holidays!

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