Monday, March 10, 2014

A Return to Running

After nearly two weeks off, I went for a run today.  Huzzah!  I intended to go for a run yesterday, but I had the urge to do some spring cleaning.  Going through my dad's apartment and the weather in general has given me the itch to de-clutter and clean.  In addition, guilty admission time:  my Christmas tree was still up until yesterday and it was well past time to take it down.  I usually take my tree down around Martin Luther King day at the latest, but that is around the time my dad was hospitalized and it wasn't really a priority.  I took down the tree, cleaned a large portion of our storage room out and got rid of a bunch of clutter, which felt great.  After that, I went to dinner with my mom and Nick and then we went through a bunch of pictures at my mom's house to get ready for dad's memorial service next weekend.  It was really nice to go through photos of my dad's life and reminisce.  So with such a busy day yesterday, I decided to give myself one more day off and start fresh today.

It was beautiful today and with daylight savings time starting yesterday, I was able to go for a run after work tonight.  I didn't get going until about 6:45 but I was able to get 5K in before the sun went down.  I love daylight savings time!  When I first started running, I took off.  It felt so great to be running and I felt light on my feet.  I should know better than to start out so fast though; I couldn't keep up that pace and my legs were a little sore (I guess from my spring cleaning adventure?).  I slowed down and enjoyed the rest of my run.  I struggled a bit, but the struggle was nice.  I am able bodied and have two legs capable of carrying me where I want to go and I tried not to take that for granted today.

I can't believe the half is in less than a month!  I have equal parts excitement and nervousness running through my head, but mostly excitement.  I can do this!

"I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can."