Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My hips don't lie

It was another gorgeous day in St. Louis today with temperatures well into the 70's, but I took today off from running because I seem to have done something to my hip.  I've always had a little sensitivity in my right hip when I run, which I thought might resolve itself when I lost weight, but to no avail.  I typically do some hip flexor stretches to work out the soreness, but the ache I had in my hip last night and today was unlike any other pain I've had.

I mentioned that I started off my run yesterday at a pretty fast pace and I ended up slowing down, in large part due to pain in my hip.  I think I must have altered my gait due to the pain and I'm wondering if I exacerbated the pain by doing so.  My hip was throbbing when I get home, so I put an ice pack on it to help.  I normally prefer heat to ice, but the ice felt really lovely on my aching hip (I'm aware of the fact that I sound like I'm 80 when I say things like that).  My hip pain was pretty intense last night because it woke me up every time I switched positions while I slept.  I still intended to run today, though, and brought my running attire to work for an anticipated "runch" (lunch run).

Nearly every move I made today sent a shock of pain through my hip; standing up, sitting down, going up the stairs at work, going downstairs and so, I thought I'd better not push my luck.  I also noticed my hip was tender to the touch, which is new.  My worst fear is getting injured before the half so as much as I wanted to run today, my logical side prevailed (for once) and I rested my hip.  I took some ibuprofen when I got home, partly for my hip and partly for a nasty headache and I'm not sure if that helped, but my hip does feel a bit better.

I'm not really sure what this pain could mean and I'm not exactly sure what to do to remedy it other than rest, ice, and ibuprofen.  I am taking another rest day tomorrow because it is my little guy's birthday (therefore, I will also likely not post tomorrow) and I'm hoping that two days of rest will lend itself to a pleasant run on Thursday.

I am running a race on Saturday (our local St. Patrick's Day race) and I got my bib in the mail today.  I'm really looking forward to this race.  I "ran" it last year doing a combination of Couch-to-5K intervals, but I also mistakenly thought the race was 5K; it's actually a 5 mile race.  Needless to say, I feel so much more prepared for the race this year!  I'm also pretty excited about the free beer at the end!

5 miles (and free beer): here I come!

Are you planning to run a St. Patrick's Day race this year?  

"Running is hard to explain. Yes it hurts. Yes it is one of the best feelings in the world.  Somehow that makes sense...if you are a runner."