Thursday, April 2, 2015

Proud Daughter Post

I have to brag for a minute on my Mama.  She's one pretty amazing woman for a multitude of reasons, but I am going to brag today about her goal for 2015.  She's committed to doing a 5K every month in 2015!  I am so proud of her for setting this goal and I love cheering her on at each race.

She actually got a head start on 2015 by participating in the St. Louis Hot Chocolate 15K/5K last December.  She and my oldest son did the 5K and I love the pictures of the two of them crossing the finish line together.

Oma and her oldest grandson crossing the finish line together
On New Year's Day, she, Nick, and I did the Commitment Day 5K, which was a great way to start the new year! My Mama even challenged herself to run a bit of the race and Nick was happy to run with her.

At the start of the Commitment Day 5K

Mid-race selfie; three generations of our family! 

Almost to the finish line!
In early February, Mom and I participated in the Missouri Lottery 5K Run for Your Beads and the best part?  The race ended with beer and Hurricanes!  Hurricanes and I are old friends so it was nice to be reunited at the end of the race.  There was also a Hurricane stop mid-way through the race, but Mom and I decided to forge past it to get a bit ahead of the pack.

Mom at the finish line; she would want to point out the people behind her.  She was very proud of the fact that she was not last! 

My sweet Mama and I
This past Sunday, we participated in her March race, the Boots and Badges 5K benefiting The BackStoppers, Inc. I think Mom would tell you that this was her hardest race, mainly due to the fact that she was under the weather that day, but it's the race that I am most proud of her doing.  Had it not been the end of March (therefore limiting the time she had left to complete her March race), I suspect she would have skipped this race, but she was a trooper and got up early on race day and came downtown with me.  Although she likened this race to her own personal Bataan Death March (absolutely no disrespect intended towards the brave POW's who perished on, or endured, the actual Bataan Death March), she continued to put one foot in front of the other and she finished the race like the trooper she is!

March race: done! 
She's got her April, May, and June races on the calendar and is looking forward to the rest of the year, too.  It's been fun doing some new (to us) races as we complete her goal! 

Mama, I hope you know how proud of you I am!  I know that it's hard for you when we are last in a race, but believe me when I say that being last is better than not starting!  You are doing a great thing and I can't wait to cheer you on at the rest of your races this year!

I'd love to shower my Mama with kudos, because she really is a rock star, so if you have any words of encouragement for her, feel free to comment below!

"Don't sweat the road ahead, smile at the road behind you."