Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's almost here...Napa Valley Ragnar Relay!

3 weeks from today, I will be arriving in San Francisco to begin my epic Napa Valley Ragnar Relay adventure!  I am so excited and also still a little bit in the "pinch me; is this really happening?" mode.  I've been looking forward to this all summer and having a blast getting to know my awesome teammates online and I can't believe in just a few short weeks, we will meet in person and run an amazing race.

I was remiss in not sharing some fantastic Napa related news on the blog; a few weeks ago, we received our van and leg assignments for the race!  I am excited to share that I am runner 8 and a member of Van 2!  I am really excited to share a van with the awesome gals in Van 2, but I am a little sad to miss the equally awesome ladies in Van 1.  I wish we could all share the same van, but I know we will have some great quality time before and after the race.

Van 1 consists of:  Jennifer Hall-Lewis, Erin Ranes, Lisa Petersen, Kelly Preddy, Kim Dixon, and Dimity.  An awesome group of gals who are going to kick ass and have a blast!

Van 2 consists of:  Melissa Gilley, yours truly, Jodi Snowdon, SBS, Jennifer Martin, and Smitha Barki.  Another fabulous group of women, if I do say so myself, who are going to bring it like the Badass Mother Runners we are and have a ball doing it.

As runner 8, my legs consist of a 5.6 mile hard run, a 5.50 mile hard run, and a 2 mile easy run, for a grand total of 13.1 miles.  I am really excited about the elevation changes on my first two legs (I say that now, but I'll see how I feel as I run them) and I'm equally as excited about my flat as a pancake last leg.  I'm sure my body will appreciate that short, flat last leg!  I had hoped to post the elevation maps, but I am having a bit of technological challenges downloading them from the race website.  I'll try to get them posted soon!

I've been keeping a close watch on the news from Napa in regards to the earthquake this week and I'm certainly keeping everyone in that region in my thoughts and prayers!  I checked the Napa Ragnar Facebook page this week and the race is still on (whew!) and race officials are evaluating the course to see if there are any changes that need to be made due to earthquake damage.  They indicated that if any changes were necessary that race participants would receive an e-mail notification.  I'm wishing for a quick recovery for the people and business in the Napa area that were affected by the earthquake and aftershocks.

It finally cooled off a bit here, which meant I was looking forward to a run this evening.  However, the cool down was a result of some pretty awesome thunderstorms, so I went to the gym tonight and did 45 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot."