Sunday, June 30, 2013

Deep thoughts

It is quite late and so probably not the best time to post deep thoughts, but it's what is on my mind, so here goes.  I've been thinking a lot about positive body image lately and in particular, how my quest to lose weight affects my boys.  I love who I am and I know that no matter what I weigh, I'm beautiful.  I really, truly believe that about myself and just in case I would doubt it, my husband tells me all the time (it should be noted that Matt Roeseler is a keeper!).  However, I want to feel better in my own skin.  I want to be at a healthier weight and I want to feel better about how I look.  My oldest is quite observant and so is my little guy.  Both boys see Mommy and Daddy weigh themselves every morning and while we generally keep our commentary vague ("not happy with the numbers today" or "great, I went down"), I can't help but wonder what they think.

For several months, Nick has been weighing himself, too.  And Jack has just recently started toddling over to the scale, climbing on, and jumping up and down.  It's quite adorable, but I want to make sure to send the boys the right message.  When Nick first started weighing himself, he would proclaim his weight with a bit of contempt.  Surely he picked this up from what Matt and I said after we stepped off the scale.  It really made me stop to think about what I said and how I said it after my daily weigh in.  So, now when Nick weighs himself, Matt and I make a point to say "Great job, buddy!  You are getting so strong!"  I still don't know if this is the best way, but at least it's a much more positive message.

It's important to also send the right message about food.  Nick learned a lot about nutrition and healthy food vs. unhealthy food in school last year and we've tried to continue the conversation at home.  With that being said, I also don't want him to be obsessive about food.  It's good to be aware, but he definitely doesn't need to be counting calories like Mom and Dad.  Neither Matt or I log our food into MyFitnessPal in front of the boys and we try to subtly encourage healthy choices when it comes to food.

As I said, I'm sure we still aren't perfect when it comes to portraying positive body image to our boys, so we will keeping working on it.  I want our boys to be comfortable in their own skin and love themselves always. Do you have any suggestions for how to teach children positive body image? 

"Embrace and love your body, it is the most amazing thing you will ever own."