Sunday, June 23, 2013

Isn't technology grand?

As I am typing this post from my laptop in the comfort of my bed tonight, my 6 year old watches SpongeBob SquarePants on our Roku and my smart phone is buzzing to alert me that I have a new text message.  We live in such a connected world now, which leads to my post tonight.  I've had the urge lately to get an activity tracker to help in my weight loss journey, but I keep going back and forth for a number of reasons.
  • Do I really need another gadget?  Probably not since I know I can lose weight the old fashioned way, but I wonder if having a tracker would hold me more accountable and push me a bit further (I'm still in this current plateau and I'm anticipating more plateaus given my long term weight loss goal is still a long way off). 
  • Do I really need to spend the money?  That's a pretty firm no, especially considering Mama wants some new running shoes, a new sports bra, and a proper armband for the above mentioned smart phone.  Oh yes, and I also want a new bike for cross training.  (Dear husband, I promise I will not buy all of the above at once.)
  • Which one to choose?  There are so many on the market right now and they all have their pros and cons.  This probably doesn't surprise anyone who knows me, as I tend to over-analyze just about everything, but I've done a lot of research on the activity trackers available and I've narrowed it down to three:  Nike Fuel band, Fitbit One, or the Fitbit Flex.  Do you have an activity tracker?  If so, which one and what do you like/dislike about it? 
I've had my eye on the Fuel band for awhile; I love Nike products and I like the design, but the price is steep and I've read about some design flaws.  The Fitbit products also track sleep, although I'm not sure tracking my sleep at the moment is the wisest choice as my 15 month old is still not quite sleeping through the night. I also like that I can link the Fitbit products to MyFitnessPal. The Fitbit Flex seems very similar to the Fuel band, but less "flashy." I'm leaning towards the Fitbit One because of the overall price and the access to real-time data.  I'm thinking that this might be a good reward if I meet my birthday challenge!  

Speaking of the birthday challenge, I'll give an update on my progress on Tuesday when I'm one week in, so stay tuned! 

I saw this quote online awhile back and I wish I could remember the source, but it lives on the old quote board nonetheless as inspiration for this journey: "She believed she could, so she did."