Sunday, September 14, 2014

A lovely Saturday

I was so glad to see the sun today after what seemed like an endless string of cloudy, rainy, dreary days!  It was a beautiful fall-like day today; blue skies, a light breeze, sun, and temperatures in the 60's.  Perfectly lovely!

This morning, Nick made us a delicious pancake breakfast.  He set the table, mixed the pancake batter, and cleaned the dishes when we were done.  Earlier this spring, my Mom and I stopped at the big Smuckers store  (it's in Ohio near where my Dad used to live) and we bought a few things, including funfetti pancakes, which I thought the boys would like.  This morning seemed like a good day for funetti pancakes and they were delicious!

This afternoon, we headed to a local outdoor festival and we had a great time.  Since the weather was so gorgeous it was a bit crowded, but it was a fun afternoon.  Nick played a few games in the kids area, we saw animals at the petting zoo, the boys played on the playground, and we looked at many vendor booths featuring local craftsman.  I think the highlight for the boys, though, was riding the yellow school bus that provided shuttle service to and from the festival.

I also picked up a few things for Napa today, including glo sticks, which should be really fun for the night legs, and window paint to help decorate our van.  Tomorrow begins serious laundry day and a true focus on packing.  My teammates and I have been commenting on the fact that preparing for a Ragnar race is not for the unorganized!

Fun accessories for Napa Ragnar
"The journey may be long, but the accomplishment is great."