Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting excited for Half Marathon Training

It was a gorgeous day here again with mild temperatures, so after putting away an inordinate amount of clean laundry, I took the boys to the park for some fun on the swings and slides.  We were not the only ones with that idea and the park was busy, but the boys had a great time.  I think Jack could spend hours in the swing and Nick had a blast running around like a madman.  My mom met us at the park, which was nice, and then we went to Target so the boys could spend some of their Christmas money.  It was pretty cute watching Nick check out at the register.  He was really excited to buy his toys on his own and use his "credit" (gift) card.  He looked so grown up!  We also had dinner with my Mom and one of her good friends and we had a great time.  

I am starting to get excited, yes excited, about training for, and completing, my half marathon.  I know it is going to be difficult, challenging, and exasperating at times, but I also know that it will be rewarding, uplifting, and fun at other times.  I cannot wait to cross the finish line on April 5th and see my hard work and training pay off.  So today, I took one step towards that goal and I purchased stickers for my training schedule while we were out running errands!  It may seem silly, but I was pretty darn excited to buy those stickers.  I can't wait to start doing my training runs so I can start putting those stickers on my paper training log.  Next step is to actually print said paper training log.  Baby steps!  

Jessica at A Little More Each Day ( blogged today about some awesome new running toys she got for Christmas and I love the 13.1 princess themed car decal she got from her husband! (  I admit that I cannot wait until I can get a pink 13.1 decal for my car this spring!  

I hope you all had a great Saturday! 

"Setting running goals is the first step in changing how you look, think, and feel."