Monday, February 24, 2014

Some of my current favorite things

I had a blissfully quiet day today, filled with lots of napping!  I went back and forth about going for a run, but ultimately decided to take a rest day.  I did a few crunches and planks, though, to get in some core work and now the trick is to keep up with those exercises regularly!

It has been awhile since I shared some of my favorite things, so I thought I would today.  It's certainly a random assortment of things.

  1. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.  I love, love, love this song.  It is impossible not to smile while listening to this song.  It's is also impossible not to clap along.  This is also one of Nick's new favorite jams.  He is frequently heard around the house singing "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof..."  The video is also a gem.  I need a little happy in my life, so thank you Pharrell. 
  2. "Ways to Go" by Grouplove.  I also dig this song.  The video is strange, but the song is darn catchy and will be stuck in your head forever.  You're welcome. 
  3. "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry.  When I first heard this song, I wasn't sold, but after listening to it a few more times, it has grown on me and I love it.  Again, strange video, but that is status quo for Katy.  
  4. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  I mentioned yesterday that I was listening to this book on my run and I can't say enough about this book.  I'm not finished with it, but it is amazing.  It has been on my reading list for months, but I haven't been doing much reading lately.  I picked it up in audio book form from the library before we left for Ohio and I listened to it on our trip while Nick was sleeping or watching movies.  It's a true story primarily set during World War II and it will captivate you.  I've also been listening to it in the car on the way to and from work and it's hard to leave the car because the book is that good!  
  5. Raspberry Lemonade water enhancer. I can't get enough of this raspberry lemonade drink mix.  I love raspberries and I love lemonade, but I was still reluctant to try this.  It is delicious and probably my favorite of the drink mixes that we have.  I still love the fruit punch, but I have been drinking the raspberry lemonade several times a day.  I know it isn't as good as drinking plain water, but it sure beats a soda. 
  6. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. JT has always been a fave of mine (going back to his 'NSYNC days) and Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.  However, when you combine the two, it is pure comic genious!  The Christmas SNL episode with the two of them was a classic and I hope that JT will  make many more appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! 
What are some of your favorite things currently? 

I found the quote below and it spoke to me.  I've mentioned feeling out of sorts and I need to keep the below in mind.  It will get better!

"Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever."