Friday, July 18, 2014

Two a Day Workouts Have Begun

This week, the Napa training plan called for my first two-a-day workout; 2 runs no less than 6 hours apart and no more than 12 hours apart.  The idea is to replicate the Ragnar Race, when you will run three legs of varying mileage over the course of 48 hours.  I was intimidated by the two-a-day workout, but more so in the sense of finding time to do two runs in one day.  I struggle most days to find time for one run, much less two!

The original plan for this week called for the two-a-day on Tuesday and a 5 miler on Thursday, but due to my schedule, I swapped days.  I did my 5 mile run on Tuesday night, took a rest day on Wednesday, and did my two-a-day yesterday.  I was able to get in a run yesterday morning and it didn't require me to get up too terribly early.  I did three miles before work and then after dinner last night, I did the second two miler on the schedule.  I have to admit, the two-a-day was not too bad! 

I was a bit frustrated though, because I am still experiencing some fairly substantial cramping in my calves when I run.  It's been pretty debilitating and as a result, both of my runs yesterday involved a fair share of running and walking.  There is nothing wrong with walking, believe me.  I am just frustrated because I know that I am capable of running long distances and yet, lately, I have been reduced to run/walk intervals.  It is beyond frustrating. 

I have several theories about the cause of this relative set-back:
  • Lack of cross-training and strength-training which has led to a loss of strength in my legs and core
  • Dehydration, although I'm not sure how this is possible because I have been drinking around 80 oz. of water a day
  • Poor nutrition, although, again, I feel like I am eating much better these days. I did not eat before my morning run yesterday, though, and that was not the smartest move I've ever made
  • Need for new running shoes.  I thought I got my Saucony's last fall, but in re-reading my blog, I see that I got them on August 9th last year, meaning they are almost a year old.  It's probably time for new shoes.
  • Weight gain.  I'm carrying about fifteen extra pounds on my body right now and I'm sure that is affecting my running form. 
Although I am frustrated, I know that this too shall pass and I am working through it.  I have Napa to look forward too, after all, in addition to the Halloween half.

Speaking of Napa, a box is headed my way as we speak full of goodies for our training.  I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and have been tracking my package all day.  I think getting the goodies will be further motivation for me to push on, since it is definitely making Napa feel more "real." 

"The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time."