Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

I was pleasantly surprised by how much cooler the temperature was today compared to the past few days and my garden appreciated the rain that came with those cooler temperatures!  I planned to go for a walk today, but the rain threw me for a loop.  I told Matt I was going to walk anyway even if it was raining, but after going to the grocery store after work and eating dinner, I decided to forgo the walk and stick to core work.

I have a lovely new blog logo above thanks to my creative (and graphically inclined) friend, Mary!  She took my random thoughts about color and look and turned into into something awesome!  Thank you, Mer, I love it!

Over the past week, I've connected with my fellow Napa teammates on social media and tonight, we had a fantastic group chat on Facebook.  Through some pretty impressive detective work by my fellow BAMR's, we've managed to track down all but one of our teammates and I must say, this is a fantastic group of women.  Jodi, Erin, Kelly, Melissa, JMart, Jennifer, Smitha, Kim, and Kathleen:  I am looking forward to continuing to get to know you amazing ladies, laughing with you, and learning from you!  Napa, here we come! 

I'm looking forward to another "runch" tomorrow, weather permitting!  Although, I may just run in the rain for the heck of it, because it sounds kind of nice and a good change of pace!

"We start as a group of people...we finish as a group of friends."