Friday, May 16, 2014

Running on a full tank

Last night, Nick and I were treated to a wonderful Mommy/Oldest son date night with some dear friends, Stacy, and her daughter, Illyria. We went to a local theater to see "The Wizard of Oz" and got the star treatment!  We sat in the luxury box seats at the Fox Theater and we had a great time, including dinner in the box seats, desserts after the intermission (the biggest bowl of cotton candy I've ever seen and delicious hot fudge sundaes), and great memories with two pretty darn adorable kids.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have such a special night with Nick and thankful for our friends who invited us to join them!

Our lovely dinner dates
My date for the evening.  I love Mommy/Son dates!
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
We found another STL 250 cake!  
This evening, I took a nice 5K run at JB and got a lot of hills in.  I will say, though, that running felt a little tough today due to the fact that I ate a big (and delicious) lunch at one of my favorite local Mexican restaurants.  Someday I will learn the lesson about not running on a full stomach, but that day was not today.  

After my run, we headed to Nick's school for their end of year picnic and we all had a great time.  There were several bounce houses and games a plenty, so I know two little boys who are sleeping well tonight!  

I have a 5K race coming up on Sunday and it's one of my favorite races; Making Tracks for the Zoo!  I will likely cross-train tomorrow in advance of the race, perhaps a long walk?  

"She is not afraid of storms, for she is learning how to sail her ship."