Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good intentions

The start of this week held so much promise, until I started getting a sore throat.  Ugh!  The change of seasons is wreaking havoc on me.  I hope that the sore throat, sneezing, and headache are just my allergies reacting to the change in the weather, but another part of me realizes that I'm run down and may be getting a cold.  Chamomile tea with honey were the order of the day for me today and I hope I can fight off whatever this is.  Needless to say, I have not been on a run yet this week, but I'm hopeful for the rest of the week.

I really did have good intentions this week to get back into my groove.  Unfortunately, I haven't had much success reaching my goals.

  • No run yet (see above), but the week isn't over yet
  • I've had moderate success with hydration, although I've had a Pepsi with my lunch every day so far so that's a bit of a wash
  • I've not been tracking my food
  • My late night snack of Raisin Bran has been replaced with nibbles from the boys' Halloween buckets, so that's definitely not a win on that front 
  • I did start my Miles of Motivation story and hope to finish it tomorrow
  • I'm still planning on my first giveaway later this week
Maybe I'm being to easy on myself, but I'm not feeling too guilty about not running yet this week.  I will see how I feel the rest of the week, but if I really am fighting off a cold, my body needs rest.  It's also only Tuesday, so I'm not counting this week as a wash; it's just a slow start!

"Results will show up when you do."