Monday, November 25, 2013

Week of Thanks

Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I'd like to dedicate each of my posts to things I am thankful for.  I have much to be thankful for every day of the year, but this week seems like an opportune time to highlight a few of those things.

Today my post is dedicated to my wonderful hubby, Matt Roeseler.  I had to type his full name because apparently, when I refer to him at work, I always use his full name.  I'm going to lunch today with Matt Roeseler.  Matt Roeseler and I are going on a date this weekend.  I think I do it because I have a few co-workers who have spouses named Matt, so I have to differentiate, but in any case, it is pretty funny.

Matt Roeseler, husband extraordinaire 
I have known this man for well over half of my life and he means everything to me.  He makes me laugh, wipes the tears from my face when I cry, wraps me in his arms for big bear hugs when I need them, and loves me unconditionally.  He's seen me at my best and at my worst and he puts up with whatever shenanigans I partake in or (willingly create).  He tells me I'm beautiful every day, even when I feel decidedly not beautiful.  He is an amazing husband and a wonderful father to our two sons.

I can't believe we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in a few months!
Let me paint a little picture for you about how much this man loves me.  Last night, I had a hankering for chicken soft tacos, so I grilled up some chicken.  However, I could not find any taco seasoning in the house, which was a huge bummer.  Matt volunteered to go out in the freezing cold at 8:30 p.m. to get me taco seasoning so I could quell my craving.  What's even more extraordinary about this favor is that he hates when I make chicken soft tacos.  He cannot stand the smell of the seasoning and practically gags when I make them, but he still went out and got me taco seasoning. This man is a gem! (The tacos were fabulous, by the way.)

Us celebrating our 9th anniversary this year at a Stanley Cup Playoff Game.  Let's go Blues! 
What's more is that Matt has been Super Dad this year as I've embarked on my weight loss journey.  Many times, he stays home with the boys so I can get a run in and I know I wouldn't have been able to lose as much weight as I have without him and his unwavering support.  He knows me better than I know myself sometimes and pushes me to succeed by knowing what motivates me and using it to my advantage.  He knows I'm rebellious and the first time I told him I was going to try to run a mile, he said "Babe, I'm not sure you're ready for that.  You've only been running shorter distances and I don't think you're ready for a mile."  I thought of that the entire time I ran the next day and when I called to tell him that not only had I run a mile, but I had run 1.1 miles, he told me "I knew you could do it and I knew that if I told you I didn't think you could, that you would do it just to prove me wrong."

I know that no matter what life brings our way, we have love, laughter, and each other, and there is nothing more we need.  I am a lucky girl indeed.  I love you, Matt Roeseler.   

Throwback picture; us circa 2004 on our honeymoon in Alaska.  Fun fact, we took selfies of us kissing at nearly every port of call.
What are you thankful for this week? 

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too."