Thursday, November 21, 2013

Runners Spotlight featuring yours truly

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on the Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA) page on Facebook regarding a fellow SPA, Kristy, looking to highlight runners on her blog.  Kristy's blog has certain content depending on the day, i.e. book review Wednesday's and Runners Spotlights on Thursdays, which is such a great idea. I've considered similar ideas for my blog and I may yet do something along those lines.  In any case, I checked out Kristy's blog (, which I love, and decided to submit my name for one of the Runners Spotlights.  Kristy sent me a questionnaire to fill out and I had a great time answering all of the questions; it was really thought provoking!  I got an e-mail shortly thereafter from Kristy indicating that my spotlight would run today and voila:

I'm so thrilled that Kristy gave me the opportunity to share a little bit of my story with her readers and I encourage you to check out her blog; it's fantastic!  She, too, has a goal to run a race in each of the 50 states (and Washington, D.C.) so I'm going to keep up with her progress to be sure.  Plus, it is a great way for me to learn about the races I might want to add to my list!

I'm really blown away by the awesome community of people I have met, like Kristy, through blogging and I am excited to keep plugging away with my blog and see where it leads!  Are there any blogs you'd like to share?  I love finding new blogs to read!

I'm still making progress on the hydration front, although I must admit that when you drink the recommended daily amount of water, you have to pee.  All.the.time.  It's ridiculous and I feel like a pregnant woman.  (Rest assured I am not pregnant, just adequately hydrated).  In the interest of full disclosure, though, I have had Pepsi this week (and Dr. Pepper come to think of it).  The caffeine withdrawal headaches were getting to be quite debilitating, but there has to be a better way to deal with them.  Do I just need to suffer through the headaches for a few days?  Who knows.  I do know, though, that I need to not fall back in the habit of drinking a soda a day.  I'll work on that.

One amusing tidbit from my day today involves an observation about weight loss.  I've noticed that since I've lost a substantial amount of weight that I get cold more often.  I am never one to be cold, in fact, quite the opposite, but lately, I get cold so easily, sometimes to the point of shivering.  (It's not even the thick of winter yet and I'm already gripping about the cold; it's going to be a long winter.)  This morning, I was at the dentist's office and when they called me back, I told the hygienist that I wanted to keep my jacket on because I was cold, which she said was alright.  She then offered me a blanket, which I readily accepted.  So, I took a seat in the chair and cuddled up with my jacket and her blanket.  It was awesome.  It also made me smile, because it made me think of my Grandpa Steffen.  He was always cold, particularly the older he got because he lost so much weight and was so thin.  He had a particular blanket that was his favorite to snuggle under and the blanket I had this morning was made of the same material.  I guess I'm so prone to the cold because I lost a fair share of my insulation!

I meant to go for a run yesterday, but it was dreary and rainy here and I was not feeling in the mood for a cold, wet run.  I have no desire to get sick again, especially so close to Thanksgiving!  The weather looks nice this weekend though for a run!

"Play not only keeps us young but also maintains our perspective about the relative seriousness of things. Running is play, for even if we try hard to do well at it, it is a relief from everyday cares."