Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweaty Strength Training

I think in the past I've mentioned that I don't feel like I get a truly good, sweaty work out when I strength train.  I'm here to tell you that I was wrong in the most delightful way.  I went to Fit Camp tonight at Evolve Personal Fitness and it was another great class. It was different from Monday's class in that we did free weight work tonight instead of energy circuit training.  We also did a bit of plank work and I've learned that despite my strides in my planking ability, I have a ways to go.  It felt great doing the free weight repetitions and I was sweating up a storm!

It feels really great to be eating well again (barring the delicious desserts that I had at an event tasting for work this afternoon; yes, desserts plural, but I sampled a bit of each one instead of eating a complete piece of each) and working out.  It especially feels good adding strength training to the mix and while my muscles are sore in places I didn't know existed, I know I'm better off for it.

I'm really enjoying the classes at Evolve and while I am nowhere near as fit as everyone else, everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive and I've enjoyed getting to know others in the class and learning their stories.  We all start somewhere and while I am not where I want to be, I feel comfortable modifying the exercises to suit my ability and it is nice to know that I can only improve from here!

As a random side note, I don't think I can train again this summer in my capris.  Much as I love my Old Navy compression exercise capris, the heat is getting to me and I think I need to invest in a pair of running shorts or a running skirt.  Does anyone have any suggestions for running shorts or skirts that are a little bit longer in length (I'm not one for short shorts) that don't ride up?  I don't have thigh gap (and am proud of it!) and as such, do not want to worry about shorts that ride up or chafe! 

The reality of Napa training starting next week has set in and as such, it has helped me out quite a bit in the area of eating well.  I realize that this is going to sound somewhat vain, but it is working for me so I'm going to go with it.  Every time I want to snack on something unhealthy, I remind myself of Napa and it helps deter the craving and/or help me evaluate whether or not I really want said snack.  Of course I want to train for Napa and be as strong, healthy, and prepared as I can be for my legs of the race, but damn it I want to look good, too!  And that's where I sound vain, but I know there will be a lot of photos of this once in a lifetime trip and I want to look good and be comfortable in those photos.  I want to keep strength training while I train for the race so that I feel, and look good, for my Napa trip and that has helped me curb unhealthy eating this week.  I sense that it will continue to help for the next 12 weeks, so I think I'll go with it!

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."