Friday, June 27, 2014

Tent Sale and Motivation Tactics

My favorite local running store, Big River Running, was hosting its annual tent sale yesterday and today, so Mary and I went on a lunchtime shopping adventure today.  There were a lot of great deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories and I scored a CamelBak Big River Running water bottle for Nick's upcoming birthday (he wanted one for Christmas, but they ran out of the blue one he wanted last December) and this beauty of a Brooks half-zip pullover.

Hello gorgeous!
It was a little hard to think about fall and winter running today given that it was warm and humid as we shopped outside on the sidewalk near the store, but I couldn't pass up a great deal on this awesome cold weather gear.  It is going to be a great item to bring to Napa with me for Ragnar and for all of my fall and winter races.  It's a beautiful bright pink with yellow accents and it has reflective material in several places; nobody will miss me when I wear this.  Best of all?  It has thumb holes!!  Thumb holes have become quite possibly my favorite additions to running gear.

Mary scored some new Run Happy shorts and some super cute capris, as well as some new running socks.  It is always nice to have an abundance of good running socks (and outfits!) to cut down on the amount of laundry you have to do to get through the week! 

As the beginning of Napa training is on the horizon, I have been trying to get myself in the training zone.  I printed off the Ragnar training plan that Dimity and Sarah sent us a few weeks ago to scope it out and I hung it up in my office at work next to my National Running Day bib.  I think I am also going to print a copy for my fridge and I'm also going to log my workouts in a journal.  I started manually tracking my half marathon training in one of my cute blank books this spring, but I ended up relying more on my blog to track my training.  I'd like to do both online and manual tracking this time to hold myself accountable

Running motivation at work
How do you hold yourself accountable during training?  Do you prefer tracking your workouts manually or electronically? Or a little bit of both? 

I saw the below quote today on Facebook and it was so powerful (and so true)!

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second."