Thursday, October 3, 2013

2 mile run = feeling better

I am feeling somewhat better today; more like me.  Jack-Jack is feeling much better, I caught up with a dear friend on the phone, and I got in a run at lunch which I think helped lift my spirits.  

It was another challenging run today, but as my husband reminded me, at least I got out there.  At lunch, I went on a different path at the park to change things up and I tried my hardest to slow down a bit so I could try to get in more miles.  I headed out relatively fast, though, as my first mile was 10:53, but I tired quickly and slowed down for my second mile.  My average pace was 11:29 and I consider it progress that I slowed down considerably from my run on Tuesday.  I had to laugh though when my Nike+ app gave me my words of encouragement at the end of my run.  The athlete, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me, gave me kudos for running more miles than I did last week.  That's not hard to do though considering how little I ran last week.  

I'm still feeling apprehensive about my 10K, but I will continue to run consistently over the next few days to build myself back up (both physically and mentally) and on race day, I will need to make a conscious effort to pace myself.  

In other exciting news, I will soon have my first giveaway on my blog!  Hint: it has to do with something I have been lacking lately.  More details coming soon! 

I will likely not be able to blog again until Sunday, as I have a busy weekend in store and will be working late tomorrow night and again on Saturday.  Knowing me, I will crash as soon as I get home both nights, so I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  

The quote below is fitting today because it did not feel at all like October, but more like late summer.  It was quite humid and hot! 

"Let every bead of sweat motivate you a little bit more."