Thursday, January 16, 2014

4 miles

Whew; much as I was nervous about my 4 mile run today, I did it!  I went for a run at lunch and it was fairly good.  It definitely ebbed and flowed, though.  The first mile was great; I went out slow so I could sustain my energy through all 4 miles.  The second mile was ok, but when my app chirped "two miles" I couldn't help but think that I was only halfway through.  Mile 3 pretty much blew and mile 4 was a mix of euphoria since I was almost done and a bit of agony (why isn't it saying I'm done yet??).  I'm a little irritated by my pace since I was much slower than my average pace of late, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much since I actually did my planned 4 miles despite my reservations.  I ran 4.01 miles in 52:47, with an average pace of 13:09.  My splits were 13:40, 12:50, 13:28, and 12:15 (ha, can you tell I was in a rush to get done?).

I neglected to mention in yesterday's post the little adventure I had yesterday morning.  Let my adventure serve as a little PSA for anyone out there who owns a car.  If something doesn't seem right with your car, take it in to have it looked at!  Trust me.  For a few weeks, my car has been giving me a little trouble when it starts.  I usually have to turn it over a time or two, but it has been getting worse.  I chalked it up to the cold weather and put off taking it to the shop because 1) it's inconvenient to take it in and 2) that costs money!  Tuesday and Wednesday it was really a struggle to start my car; so much so that yesterday I thought I was going to have to put Jack in his stroller and walk Nick to school.

Fortunately, the car finally started and I dropped both boys off at school.  However, when I went to leave Jack's school, my car wouldn't start at all.  It wouldn't turn over, so I called a local shop and they sent someone out to jump my car.  It still wouldn't start, so I had to call a tow company to come tow my car to the shop.  (Nick was thrilled when he found out my car was towed and that I got to ride in the tow truck.  Cool Mom points for sure!)  Apparently, it needed a new starter and now that I have it installed, my car turns on beautifully.

A funny story from all of this is that while I was waiting at Jack's school, the Pastor of the church came out to see if I was ok and needed anything.  I was frazzled and said I was ok, but that my husband wanted me to open my hood and look at the battery.  I told Pastor that it was too cold to mess around under the hood and truthfully, I wasn't sure how to open my hood.  While I was talking to Pastor, I pressed the button to open my hood and went to try to open it to no avail.  Bless his heart because Pastor managed to say with a completely straight face "you just opened your trunk."  My husband had a good laugh at that and I admit, it was pretty humorous.  I should really know more about my car!  Step one: learn how to open the hood.

A little non-scale victory to share is that I have not had a soda since Sunday and miraculously, I have not noticed extreme caffeine withdrawal headaches!  Success!

Were you able to go for a run today?  How was it? 

"The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come."