Friday, January 10, 2014


I am pleased to say that we escaped from the house today!  Nick went back to school after a nearly three week holiday break, as did Jack.  Nick was really excited to go back to school, but Jack wasn't quite as thrilled with the idea.  It was a rainy day here, but the temps were mild enough that the snow is melting rapidly.  On Sunday, it is supposed to be about 55 degrees, which is nearly 70 degrees warmer than it was last Sunday.  Got to love St. Louis weather!

I will be adding another race to my 2014 calendar!  I just received an e-mail today about an upcoming race in February, the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge Run.

About three years ago, ground was broken on a new bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois and it is set to open on February 9th.  On February 8th, runners will be given the opportunity to traverse the bridge before it is open, which I think is pretty awesome.  The new bridge will be named in honor of Stan "the Man" Musial, former Cardinals player and all around great guy, who passed away last January.  He is a pretty big deal to Cardinal Nation and the city of St. Louis in general.  Stan's number when he played for the Cardinals was 6, so this race is, of course, a 6K.  I was seriously considering running this race for a number of reasons, but what sealed the deal is that my Mama is going to be a race volunteer!  I love that she is volunteering for a race and I'm proud of her!  I'm looking forward to seeing her at a much needed water station.

If anyone in the STL area wants to join me, I'd love company for the race!

Happy Friday to all!

"Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."