Saturday, April 5, 2014

On the eve before my first half...

I have a range of emotions running through my head tonight. 
  1. Pure excitement; hence the reason I am up two hours past when I said I wanted to go to sleep.  I can't wait to step foot across the starting line tomorrow even though it requires a wake-up call at o'dark thirty.  I have been looking forward to this race for the better part of 12 months and in earnest for the past 4.  It's time to get this thing started!
  2. Gratitude; I cannot begin to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, encouragement, and advice as I set out to reach this goal.  You all have cheered for me in my successes, picked me up when I was down and motivated me when I needed a push.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  
  3. Sadness, because my Dad isn't here to see me cross the finish line.  It became evident during the past few trips I took to Ohio that Dad was proudly talking to his friends about my running journey and he beamed when I showed him the picture of me standing by the Stan Musial sign the day I ran the race across the bridge.  He told one of the nurses that it was one of his favorite pictures.  I know my Dad will be with me in spirit and today, my mom found his wedding ring in the safe deposit box so I'm going to wear it during the race so my Daddy can be with me.  It fits perfectly on my ring finger, so it now has a permanent fixture on my right hand.  
Dad will be with me as I cross the finish line tomorrow
I had planned to list nervousness as one of my emotions tonight, but I can honestly say that I am not nervous about tomorrow.  After writing down my good, great, awesome goals, I know that tomorrow is going to be a good day no matter what.  Truthfully, it is going to be a great day because I am setting out to do something I never in my wildest imagination thought was possible.  Given the circumstances of the past 4 months, I am as ready for this race as I possibly could be.