Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

And I know this because I have a wicked sinus infection and have been down for the count.  My throat started to feel scratchy on Sunday, but I chalked that up to spending most of the day outside at the park and being around the farm animals while we were there.  My throat was still bothering me Monday and when I woke up on Tuesday, I was completely congested and feverish so I stayed home from work.  I don't usually take off work for a cold or sinus infection, but we have a huge event at work tomorrow night so I figured some rest would be good and I didn't want to get my co-workers sick.  I made it to work yesterday, but probably should have stayed home again in all honesty.  My head felt like it was in a vice all day and I decided to throw in the towel and visit my friendly Walgreens Take Care Clinic.  Thank goodness for antibiotics!  I'm feeling much better today, although I'm still a bit congested.

Needless to say, my hope to return to running on Monday did not happen and I will likely not try to run until next week.  I don't want to push myself while I'm getting over this infection.  I'm doing a little bit better with my eating habits, although that is mainly due to the fact that I couldn't taste food for the past two days and it is really not fun to eat when you can't taste anything.

Tonight, my mom and I went to listen to a Holocaust survivor speak and it was really amazing.  I am a huge history nerd (always have been, always will) and the World War II/Holocaust era is one of my favorite time periods to learn about.  The speaker, Ben Fainer, spent 6 years in 6 different concentration camps, including Dachau and Buchenwald, before being liberated by American troops while on a death march.  In fact, he was liberated 69 years ago yesterday.  At the time when Ben was to have his Bar Mitzvah, he was in Buchenwald, so he celebrated years later in his mid-70's.  A local paper featured a story on his Bar Mitzvah and he received a phone call from one of his liberators, who he hadn't seen since April 23, 1945.  The two men became close friends and share their story in Silent for Sixty Years: Ben Fainer - Holocaust Survivor and we were able to get a signed copy from Ben tonight.  I'm glad Ben decided to share his story and it was lovely meeting him and getting to shake his hand.  I'm looking forward to reading his book! (Disclaimer: I was not asked to promote Ben's book; I simply wish to share his story.) 

Ben's book!
Lastly, I have to share two funny Mommy admissions.  1) I may or may not listen to the Frozen soundtrack even after my children leave the car (it's solid music, friends) and 2) Jack-Jack has expressed a keen interest in potty training, which surprises me a bit because Nick was right at 3 when he potty trained, so this seems early to me.  In any case, Jack used the potty this morning and I may have taken a photo of what he produced.  It may have been a mere fluke, but Nick and I made a huge deal about it because Jack was pretty proud of it.  I have a similar picture of Nick's first time on the potty and I'm not sure why I feel the need to capture it for posterity sake, but I do.

I will likely not blog tomorrow night due to the event at work, so here's wishing you all a Happy Friday! 

"The best project you'll ever work on is you."