Monday, September 16, 2013

I should have gone for a run today

But alas, I did not.  Technically, today should have been a cross-training day, but I was feeling pretty euphoric after the Color Run and thought I might try to run.  Jack had a check-up this morning, though, so I didn't make it out for a run this morning and I was pretty busy at work, so that ruled out a lunch run, too.  Daylight is dwindling, sadly, so it was dark when I got home and I didn't go for a run then either.  At this point, I should have hopped on the elliptical downstairs to get some cardio in, but I was beat and I decided to take a rest day today.  Probably not a bad idea, considering my legs are a little sore from yesterday.

I did, however, teach my 6 year old the word "selfie" today.  This can only mean trouble.  I was trying to take a picture of myself to get a good head shot for an exciting endeavor that I hope to share with my blog readers soon (hopefully in the next day or so!) and I kept saying "selfie" every time I took a picture, because it was goofy and it was making me smile.  Nick thought this was hilarious and kept asking if he could take a selfie, all while giving me the goofiest grin possible.  I think I have created a monster!  He also asked if he could be in my selfies, but I explained that then it wouldn't be a selfie, but rather, a "twofie."  I like to make up words, it's a problem.

Our twofie.  Let me state again, I love this kid. He's a gem!
I've fallen a little bit off of the cross-training bandwagon and I need to get serious again about alternating my running days with cross-training to keep up my weight loss momentum.  I had a rough patch last week, but I feel like I'm getting back on course and all in all, it was just a minor setback.  Nothing I can't handle!  In the past, a little setback like this would have been enough for me to cave and fall off the bandwagon completely, but, while it has been frustrating, I know that I can overcome this and get back on track.

How do you give yourself a boost when you have a setback?  

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."