Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday, no run day

As indicated in this post's title, I did not get in a run today, much less a 5 miler like I planned.  This was partly my fault (mostly my fault) and partly the universe's fault.  I didn't get up early to run and instead had a fantastically lazy morning followed by a moderately productive afternoon.  Speaking of laziness, I would like to know where all my energy has gone.  Of course, this implies that I ever had any energy to begin with.  So I guess the more appropriate question is "where can I find some energy?"  I thought that after losing all of this weight that I would have energy galore.  When that didn't happen, I decided to resume taking a daily multi-vitamin in the hopes that it would boost my energy.  Nope.  I got nothing.  Zip. Zilch. Nada.  If allowed, I'm fairly certain I could stay in bed all day sleeping, reading, and watching movies.

In any case, after my lazy morning, I did some housework and then after Jack's nap, we decided to tackle the grocery store as a family.  This is pretty rare for us, as usually I go by myself or take one or both of the boys.  I was looking forward to a family field trip at the grocery store followed by my run while dinner cooked, but my car had other plans.  My dear car made this really awesome rapid clicking sound when I tried to turn on the ignition and that's never good.  Matt popped the hood and my battery had a ridiculous amount of corrosion.  So he googled some cleaning instructions and he cleaned around the nasty battery so he could get it out.  Once the nasty battery was removed, we took Matt's car to the store to go grocery shopping and get a new battery for my car.

I know it's been said before, but I have the best husband.  He is the best for a number of reasons, but today's example is that he is always my hero.  I was at a complete loss for how to fix my car and he took the reigns and fixed it for me.  He stood outside, in the dark, when we got back from the store to put the new battery in and then he drove my car around for awhile to make sure everything was working fine.  Then, on the way home from test driving the new battery, he stopped and got us an Oreo shake to share.  I chose to ignore how many calories were in that shake, because 1) I only had a little bit (Nick has found a new love called the Oreo shake and he had a fair share of it) and 2) damn, did it taste good.

Needless to say, going for a run after the grocery store did not happen, although I'm sure it would have been good to clear my head.  I'm not stressing too much yet about my 10K, because I think I will have time in the next two weeks to get a 5 miler in, despite a really busy schedule this week and next.

Do you have any suggestions for boosting energy?  Is there an additional vitamin supplement that might help?  Or is it perhaps a diet issue?  Maybe I am lacking something in my diet.  Any suggestions are appreciated!  

Completely feeling the below quote tonight.  Looking forward to lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement soon!

"I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don't."