Friday, September 20, 2013

This week is a wash

At least on the exercise front.  This week just wasn't meant to be for working out, so I'm going to mope about that for another minute and then move on.  I thought that I might go for a run after apple picking, but it was pretty rainy today.  Luckily, the rain wasn't heavy enough to cancel the field trip, but it was heavy enough after the field trip to eliminate an outdoor run.

I also wasn't feeling terribly well today, so I opted for a little bit of reading and a nap this afternoon.  Next to watching movies with the boys, napping and reading are my favorite rainy day activities.  I had another dizzy episode this morning and I did not go for a run, so I don't think I can link the dizziness with exercise.  This particular episode was a bit worse than the last and required me to lie down in bed for a minute.  Once again, I had heat radiating through my body and I felt so light-headed that I couldn't stand up.  After resting for a minute in bed, I got up and felt somewhat better.  I drank a bottle of water with some MioFit drops to get some electrolytes in my system before the field trip.  I don't know what is causing these dizzy spells, but it is kind of annoying.  I also had a nagging headache most of the morning, so that combined with the dizzy spell led me to think that a run probably wasn't a smart idea.

Apple picking was a lot of fun and the apples we picked were huge!  We each ate an apple while we walked through the orchard and there's not much better than an apple fresh from the tree!

We are going on a Cub Scout camp out tomorrow and it's Nick first outdoor camping trip! We've had our fair share of basement camp outs, complete with a tent, sleeping bag, and movies, but this will be our first outdoor adventure with our oldest.  I haven't been camping in probably 15 years and I think it has been even longer for Matt. It should be a fun adventure filled with what I hope are great memories for Nick!  Jack is going to sit this one out (I'm not sure the other campers would appreciate a toddler who isn't sleeping through the night), but maybe we can bring him next year.  He will have a fun time with Oma! No blog post tomorrow due to camping, but I'll be back on Sunday with a fresh outlook for the week, I promise!

Do you like to camp?  What are your favorite camping memories? 

Great quote below, except in my case, replace the word "day" with "week." :)

"Ok. So you had a bad day. Don't beat yourself up over it, but don't let one bad decision send you spiraling out of control. Grab those running shoes and get back into it. Get back to making decisions that improve your health and happiness.  You are who you choose to be."