Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Color Run

This morning I participated in my first Color Run 5K ( and it was a blast!  Not only was it a really fun race, but it was also the first 5K race that I have ever run from start to finish!  I've completed many a 5K race, but I walked most of them, or have done a combination of running and walking. I've been running 5K a lot on my own and have even run as much as 4 miles, but something about crossing the finish line today made it seem very official and exciting!

Me (Pre-Color Run) with the boys.  Nick has already asked if he can do the Color Run with me next year. 
As of yesterday though, I was unsure if I was going to attempt to run it, because I heard many people say that it is a hard race to run, given that so many people walk and take their time through the color stations, with some people even going so far as to lay on the ground to roll around in the color.  For the record, I witnessed many people rolling on the ground at the color stations.  In any case, it seemed like it might not be the best race to try to run.  However, I realized that my next official race is my 10K in mid-October!  I thought I had another 5K in between, but my next 5K, which I will be running during Homecoming at my alma matter, is after the 10K.  So, I figured I had better try to run this race today to see how I did on an unfamiliar, not flat course.  

Team Can't Stay, Mustache before the Color Run. That's me in the blue mustache in the back row, second from the left.
The course was definitely not flat, but it wasn't too bad.  We started off downhill and I think I overdid it a bit and pushed harder than I should have, because when the first uphill came, my calves were screaming.  I kept going, although I really wanted to walk at some point in that first mile. I don't know what it is about the first mile, but it's always a challenge for me.  I know I can run 3.1 miles though, so I gave myself a little pep talk and pushed through.  

Team Can't Stay, Mustache post-Color Run. Sadly, my mustache fell off before I reached Mile 1. 
On another note, not only did I run my first official 5K today, I also did it without music or my beloved podcasts.  I really didn't want to get my armband colorful, so I kept my phone in a plastic baggie and carried it with me.  I brought my Yurbuds, too, but decided I didn't want those to get too messy either, so they stayed in the baggie.  It wasn't too bad running without music or a podcast, particularly since each of the color stations had great music playing, but I definitely don't think I will run without music or a podcast next time.  

The color stations were fun, but the best part for me was the color throw at the end of the race.  They had color throws every 15 minutes and that is where I got most of my color.  They counted down from 10 and then everyone threw their color packets into the air.  I saw several from a far before I made my way to the stage and it was awesome to see all of the color flying into the air.  When I was in the middle of the color throw, I looked up and I couldn't even see the sun.  It was just a cloud of color and incredibly awesome!  Luckily, I remembered to wear my old running shoes and I brought a big towel to sit on for the ride home. 

Super excited to have just run my first 5K!
From start to finish, this race was well-organized (packet pick-up was a well-oiled machine!) and super fun.  All of the volunteers were friendly, fun, and outgoing, the ambiance was peppy and upbeat, and the entire experience was like a big party. Our Team, Team Can't Stay Mustache, had a great time and I think we are all looking forward to the next Color Run!  I should explain that I l.o.v.e. mustaches; not sure exactly where it stems from, but I love them.  A lot.  My friend, Stacy, and I have a slight obsession and we decided that our team should be mustache related.  We had mustache shirts, wore colorful mustaches, and crafted our team name to encompass mustaches and running.  Can't stay, mustache.  Get it?  (I had to explain this to Matt before he got it).  Can't stay, mustache (must dash).  Clever, I say. 

All in all, it was a really fun morning and I'm so glad I was able to run the whole race.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the look on Nick's face when I walked in the door after the race.  His eyes were as wide as saucers, he started giggling and said "Whoa, Mom! You're messy!"  It should be noted that the color didn't wash off quite as easily as I hoped.  If you see me over the next few days, I did not get beat up, I just have some lingering blue spots on my arms and legs.  

I think my arms were my favorite post-race.  They had a really pretty splatter pattern!  
Did anyone else race this weekend? Which race have you participated in that was the most fun?  

"The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running."