Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Sorry for the lack of a blog post last night; I was utterly exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to type.  I had a lot of outdoor time yesterday, so I think the fresh air did me in.

We had a Welcome Back BBQ at work and it was nice to spend a few hours outside and welcome students back to campus.  The food was delicious, too!  After work, Matt, the boys, and I headed to JB for a walk, which was nice.  Nick scooted on the scooter and we did a loop and a half since we had enough daylight.  I'm really going to miss our walks when Daylight Savings Time ends!  I love summer for many reasons and the extra sunlight is one of them!

Today, I spent the day with Jack-Jack.  He's having a little bit of gastrointestinal issues and had to get picked up early yesterday and wasn't able to go to daycare today. Luckily, he seems much better and was his normal, silly self today.

After we dropped his big brother off at school, Jack and I went to my go-to running trail (i.e. the flat trail) so I could get a run in. It was kind of nice going in the morning and there were a ton of people out enjoying the sunny day.  We saw a bunch of bikers, runners, and roller bladers.  Matt warned me this morning that it would probably be a hard run and to not push myself too much or worry about pace since I would be pushing the stroller. Boy was he right!  I didn't really realize how much I use my arms to help with my momentum when I run until I only had one arm available to use!

I knew early on in the run that I probably wouldn't make it to 3.5 miles again and quite frankly, near the end, I wasn't sure I was going to make it to 3.1.  My legs felt like a ton of bricks and I felt like I was moving at a snails pace, but I managed to eek out 3.1 miles!  It wasn't the glorious 3.5 mile run from Monday, but not every run is going to be, or feel amazing, and it was still a 5K run today!

The below quote certainly applies to today's run and pretty much every run I tackle.

"First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn."