Sunday, August 25, 2013

Girls Day Out

I had a great day today, but before I dive into that, I want to quickly re-cap my run from yesterday.  After dinner last night, the boys and I headed out for a run and it was pretty good!  Matt sprinted with me for the first bit of my run, while Nick scooted.  I'm really proud of Matt; he's really upped his game as far as working out goes and I love that he's been running with me!  I pushed Jack for the first mile or so of my run, but then Matt took over for me, which helped me knock out a few more miles.  I ended up doing 3.5 miles, or so my Nike+ app said.  I'm starting to wonder how accurate the app is, which is making me want a Garmin Forerunner 10 all the more.  Generally speaking, the app has been pretty accurate by my calculations, but every now and then it acts a little wonky.

I apparently missed a real, live owl last night, though. Matt and the boys were ahead of me, since I had double backed on the trail to increase my mileage.  Nick came scooting back towards me exclaiming that he saw "a real, live owl" up ahead on the trail.  When we got to where he saw the owl, though, it was already gone.  Maybe next time I'll catch a glimpse of one!

Today, I had plans with my college roommates, Laura and Adrienne, to have a Girls Day Out and it was wonderful.  We decided to leave the kids and hubbies at home (they each have two adorable kiddos, as well) and enjoy some quality time together.  It's always nice getting our families together and letting the kids play together, but it's sometimes hard to catch up while chasing the kids.  We went out to lunch and then did some shopping.  Shopping sans kids is glorious; it's amazing how much time you can spend in Target when you don't have a kiddo hanging on you or one hopping in and out of the cart.  We also went to Pier 1 today and I love that store!  I haven't been to one in ages and I couldn't remember why...until I walked inside and saw all the breakables.  Ah yes, that is why I don't go much anymore. It's not terribly stroller friendly and pretty much everything is breakable.  Don't get me wrong, I love my boys more than anything and they are the lights of my life, but it was divine having an afternoon of Mommy time with two dear friends.  Thank you, Laura and Adrienne for such a fun afternoon!  We really should do it more often!

After I came home, the boys and I went on a walk with my Mom and we explored a new part of the trail by our house.  It is a bit more wooded than other parts of the trail, which makes it feel a bit more adventurous and it doesn't require us to cross a major road, which I appreciate.

I'm trying to decide whether I'll run tomorrow or take a rest day. I'm leaning towards a rest day, but I'll see how the day goes.

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."