Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Plugging along

Hello beautiful weather!  I think fall has come early to St. Louis and I think I'm on board with that.  I'd be surprised if it even made it to 80 today.  There was a beautiful breeze all day and it was the perfect day to go for a run at lunch. I went to the park near my office and ran around the lake (and then some) for a total of 2.5 miles.  It was a struggle at times, but I did it and my time was pretty good, too (about 32 minutes).  It's interesting because my first mile was not so good pace wise, which I thought was interesting since, in theory, my legs would be fresh.  My second mile, however, was pretty awesome and I guess I just needed to warm up the old legs!

Tomorrow is Nick's first day of school, which I'm equal parts excited and wistful about.  I cannot believe my sweet boy is a first grader!  Time is flying and I need to keep telling myself to live in the moment.  Easier said than done in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, though.

Tomorrow is also an exciting day at work; it's move-in day for the first year students and it's one of my favorite days of the school year at work.  It always reminds me of own move-in day freshman year, which was (gasp) 13 years ago this week!  I also love that there are so many people who help out on move-in day at STLCOP.  I saw a good number of helpers during my move-in at Truman but since it is a much bigger school, my Mom and I pretty much took care of it on our own.  At STLCOP, however, we have loads of people helping out and not just RA's and representatives from student organizations, it's faculty and staff, too.  It's not uncommon to see faculty helping carry in furniture for their incoming students and I think it's a great show of support as we welcome the first years to the STLCOP community.

I'm thinking that move-in day tomorrow may be my only form of a workout, unless I decide to tackle the elliptical tomorrow night after we take Nick out for dinner after his first day of school.  We'll see how much move-in day wears me out!

"Whatever you do, don't quit. Because, as hard as it is to stick with it, starting over is even harder."