Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walking Thursday

Although it was super hot again today, I wanted to get a walk in tonight to try out the Garmin Forerunner at JB.  I gave it a test run last night, but I also wanted to see how it stacked up on a walk.  Let's be honest, though, I really wanted to use it again just for kicks. I was pushing it a bit though, time wise, as I worked late and was worried that we wouldn't have enough daylight left to walk the big loop.  We made it, although the last few tenths of a mile were a bit dark!  Luckily, Matt brought the flashlight!

The Garmin Forerunner didn't disappoint tonight!  It kept an incredibly accurate record of our pace and mileage and I barely felt like it was on (always a plus in 95+ degree weather).  I really haven't missed the verbal notifications at all that the Nike+ app provides, which has been a bit of a surprise to me, and it's been wonderful having an accurate tool to measure my workouts.  It's going to be hard to part with the Forerunner, but don't worry, Nicky, it's in my purse to return to you tomorrow!  Thank you again for letting me borrow it!

I'm leaning towards taking a rest day tomorrow to celebrate a pretty awesome achievement.  Nick had his first test of the school year yesterday and he got 100% on it!  I'm so proud of him!  It was a social studies test about rules, laws, communities, and being a good citizen and I think to celebrate him trying his best on his test and succeeding that we should pop some popcorn and have family movie night tomorrow.

"Set some goals then demolish them."