Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running accessories

I know I said yesterday that I probably wouldn't get a run in today due to a lunch commitment and oppressive heat, but a good friend let me borrow her Garmin Forerunner 10 (thank you, Nicky!) and I had to try it out tonight!  While I was at it, I decided to try out another new running accessory that I got from my Mom (thanks, Mom!) for my birthday, my new Nathan QuickShot Plus handheld water bottle.  Since I've been running with the boys the past few days, I've had access to the stroller and have been putting water bottles in the cup holders and thus, haven't had the opportunity yet to try my water bottle until tonight.  I was anxious to try both out this evening and neither disappointed.

(Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone. I was not asked to review these products by the manufacturer; I am simply sharing my opinion with readers of this blog)

I've been fawning over the Garmin Forerunner 10 for a few weeks and simultaneously getting frustrated with the Nike+ app.  I'm sure that's not related at all.  Or is it?  In any case, the inconsistency with the Nike+ app has been annoying and Nicky mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she got a Forerunner.  I was anxious to hear how she liked it and she loves it and was kind enough to let me try it out.  After one run, I'm in love with it.  It was incredibly accurate and comfortable to wear.  I was worried that I might miss the verbal notifications that Nike+ provides when you complete each mile (pace and distance stats), but I didn't at all.  The Forerunner beeped rather inconspicuously when I completed each mile and it briefly displayed my pace.  Nike+ continuously displays the pace and I look at it far too much; mainly to push myself and my pace, but lately it's also been just as much to see how inaccurate it was.  It was actually kind of refreshing to not be a slave to my pace.  I honestly didn't even hear the beep for mile 3 and it was nice to look down and realize I had already moved into mile 3.  I also loved the light on the watch, particularly since we lost daylight rapidly and it was rather dark towards the end of our run tonight.  I also super love the purple color!  I've had my eye on the pink one, but I liked the look of the purple.  I also like that you could use this for a regular watch, as well. I haven't worn a watch in years (for some reason, I stopped wearing one after Nick was born and I truly have no idea why), but I could be on board for wearing the Forerunner on a daily basis.

Isn't it  pretty?  And check out those stats!  Love it! And yes, I'm right handed and wear my watch on my right hand. Quirky Laura Fact #823
I also got to try out my new water bottle tonight!  I saw the Nathan QuickShot Plus ( 10 oz. handheld water bottle at a local running store and I'm not going to lie, I was drawn to the color scheme just as much as I was drawn to the design.  I loved that it had a hand strap and a thumb hole for added stability.  I also loved the pocket on the outside for keys, ChapStick, or mid-run snacks, if needed.  Tonight, when I was getting it ready for my run, I found another smaller pocket, too!  I filled up the water bottle before dinner and put it in the freezer to chill while we ate.  The water was nice and cold for my run!  I loved being able to let go of the water bottle while I ran and not worry about it falling.  I've been trying to stay hydrated while I run and have typically been carrying a 16 oz. bottle with me.  It's ok, but kind of noisy between the sloshing of the water in the bottle and the crinkle of the plastic when the bottle starts to get empty.  My new water bottle was also super easy to drink from; rather than having to unscrew a top, I just squeezed a bit with the palm of my hand and water shot into my mouth (hence the QuickShot Plus name).  I loved using this water bottle and am looking forward to using it again!

So practical and cute!  Love this, too!

It was a hot run tonight, but it honestly didn't seem as bad as two nights ago.  I had my podcast on and was dealing as best I could with the heat.  What was actually bothering me more tonight was a full stomach from dinner; I probably should run before dinner and not after.  Ah well.  I ran a 5K tonight (Garmin reads 3.21, because I always walk the first .10-.11 of a mile to warm up) and while my pace was affected because of the heat and a full stomach, it was still a pretty good run.  

"Tough runs don't last. Tough runners do."