Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Run-day

I was pretty pumped heading into today's run, because I had such a glorious run on Saturday night, but my run this afternoon wasn't quite as spectacular.  Before I headed out for my run, I was fluctuating between trying to run 1.7 miles, which would be my regularly planned .10 increase, running 1.8 miles (a .20 increase over Saturday's run), or pushing myself to run 2 miles, just because I think I can do it.

As I began my run, I knew it was going to be a tricky one.  My calves were cramping and I just felt sluggish, so I'm wondering if I wasn't properly hydrated heading into the run.  In any case, I was pretty sure that today was not going to be my 2.0 mile day, but I really wanted to push myself to go 1.8 and I did it!  1.8 miles ran, albeit rather slowly, but 1.8 miles nonetheless.

I tried a new path at the park by my office and it was nice to change things up a bit! The weather was pretty perfect for a run, too, with temps in the 70's and an overcast sky.  I'm hoping that on Wednesday, I can push myself to run 2.0 miles straight, so wish me luck!

When I workout at lunch, I tend to go back to my office to decompress for a minute, cool-off, and eat my lunch quickly before I change back into my dress clothes.  I knew someday it would bite me in the tush and that day was today.  The President of the college I work for happened to swing by our office today for an impromptu visit right after I got back and there I was sweaty and gross in my workout clothes; a spectacular sight to behold, I'm sure.  Lesson learned: change out of workout clothes immediately after workout!

Lunchtime has become the ideal time for my workouts, because I am not, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be a morning person and it's nice to have evenings free to spend with my guys.  Although, it has been nice having the sun set later at night so I can grab a workout in the evening if need be.  Come winter, I might and that's a huge might, have to reconsider and start dragging myself out of bed to go run in the morning before work.

When is your ideal time to workout?  

"There are plenty of difficult obstacles in our path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them."