Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before and midway through pics

I think it might be time to share some before and after pictures, but really they aren't true after pics since I'm planning to lose another 50 lbs.  So let's call them "midway through" pictures.  I had Matt take some before pictures back in March and they are pretty gnarly.  I remember intentionally being grumpy in the pictures and they are just not pretty.  What's more, I was already about 20 lbs into my weight loss journey when he took them, so I don't really have official before pictures.  I found some pictures from last year, though, that I think paint the picture.

So without further ado, I present me circa 2012.  

May 2012 with my boys at the Zoo.  Nearly 2 months postpartum 

October 2012; please ignore the goofy face and awkward stance. This was Halloween and I was a thief. My oldest son was a police officer trying to catch me.  This might be the only picture I have of me that is close to my heaviest weight.

And now, here I am today, August 11, 2013!

50 lbs gone and feeling great! 
I will share my starting weight at some point along with my current weight, but I'm not quite ready to do that yet, so instead I prefer to just speak in terms of pounds lost. I admire those who post pictures of the scale on their weigh-in days, but that's not quite me...yet. Maybe someday. 

I took the boys swimming today, which is always fun.  Both boys are like fish in the water and that makes me happy.  I love swimming and always have, so it makes my heart happy seeing them enjoy it as much as I do.

I also took a long nap with Jack today (swimming always makes me tired and super hungry!) so we missed our opportunity to go for a walk at JB.  I ended up doing some cross-training on the elliptical in the basement, which is not my ideal workout, but it was better than nothing.  Plus, I had an added bonus of an imaginative 6 year old keeping me company.  I normally workout downstairs after both boys go to bed, but Nick was still up when I starting working out.  So, we had a sword fight while I was on the elliptical, which was quite entertaining.  He had his plastic sword and I had an empty wrapping paper tube, so I'm sure I don't need to tell you who won that battle.  I love that kid and his wild imagination!  It definitely made my workout more enjoyable and helped the time pass quickly. 

"Let every bead of sweat motivate you a little bit more."