Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Challenge Update

Week 2 of the Birthday Challenge is done!  I've lost another 1.7 lbs this week, which means my total loss so far for this challenge is 4.9 lbs.!  All in all, since January 4th, I've lost 42 lbs and while I have a long way to go, I'm thrilled with my success so far!

On another note, I've been wondering lately about my food intake and thinking that perhaps I am not getting enough to eat. I have been working out at least once (sometimes twice) a day and I thought I would lose a bit more weight. So I think either I'm not eating enough and my body is going into starvation mode or perhaps what I am eating isn't rich enough in nutrients.  I'm trying to add more protein to my diet and increase my fruit and veggie intake.  I've also considered adding a multi-vitamin to my diet (there are so many to choose from though!) as I think this would help with a myriad of things (energy levels, general well-being, etc.).  Hopefully the above changes to my diet will help!

I must have jinxed the weather yesterday with my blog post filled with wishful thinking for an outdoor run today.  Sadly, it was rainy and chilly (it is July, right??) today, so I moved my workout indoors.  I had a good 30 minute workout on the elliptical at lunch, but I definitely didn't have that same euphoric feeling that I had yesterday after my two brilliant wogs.  A workout is a workout, though, and it was a good, sweaty one!

I need to get all the workouts that I can in this week, since we will be celebrating a sweet little boy's 6th birthday and there will be lots of cake to enjoy!  I can't believe my Nick-Nick will be 6 on Friday.  He's so excited about his birthday, as he should be!  I love birthdays and I love making them special for my boys, so it makes my heart happy when he gets so excited for his birthday.

My mom sent me the great quote below (thanks, Mom!) that really solidifies the idea of the Birthday Challenge and other challenges I have in mind.  I really like taking my weight loss goals and breaking them up into smaller, more achievable goals (or challenges).  So once the Birthday Challenge is complete, I'm thinking of another challenge to take me from my birthday to Thanksgiving.  If you have any ideas for future challenges, let me know by posting in the comments section below! 

"Break the unreasonable down into little reasonable chunks.  A big goal is only achieved when every little thing that you do every day get you closer to that goal."