Monday, July 8, 2013

It's the little things

On top of the obvious benefits of losing weight (more energy, improved health, loose fitting clothes, etc.), there are also little hidden perks that appear at the most random times to give you a little push.  I was standing talking to my husband, Matt, over the weekend and he gave me a weird look and said "what are you doing?"  I was perplexed, so I asked him what he meant.  I had my arms crossed and he asked if I was pushing my arms down.  I told him I wasn't and he proceeded to touch my neck around my collarbone. He said "that's weird" so I looked in the mirror and I could see my collarbone!  Before I lost all of this weight, I could only see my collarbone if I dramatically shrugged my shoulders, but now it is very pronounced.  It freaks Matt out, so for the past few days I've made a little game out of talking to him with my hands on my waist and shrugging my shoulders a bit to make it more noticeable.  It's highly amusing!

I got in a great 30 minute workout on the elliptical at lunch (and listened to my first podcast while doing so!) and I had a good food day today.  I made sure I ate every few hours to keep from going into starvation mode.  Guilty Mom moment though; I bought some of those squeezable applesauce to-go packs for my pre-workout snack (60 calories and a decent about of fiber for a little snack).  I just bought one 4-pack, because in my mind, they are a bit on the pricey side.  My boys do enjoy them from time to time, but I bought them chocolate pudding for their lunches this week instead.  Who doesn't like chocolate pudding, right?  So, while I was packing lunches this morning, my oldest sees the applesauce to-go and asks if he can have that in his lunch.  I tell him that it's for Mommy to eat before she exercises, but that I got him yummy chocolate pudding for his lunch.  He was not amused and seemed to prefer the applesauce to-go, but I promised him he'd like his pudding better.  Not a mom of the year moment by any stretch of the imagination.  I really should have let him have the applesauce, though, because he was on a field trip today without access to a trash can at lunch and I guess he didn't finish his pudding.  He put it back in his lunchbox and it got everywhere.  Maybe tomorrow I'll send him with animal crackers.  Mama is still holding onto the applesauce to-go. 

An update on Week 3 of the Birthday Challenge will be posted tomorrow! 

Love this quote and find it to be so true as I work towards a healthier life.  "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."