Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Making time to workout

I was afraid I wasn't going to get a workout in today, but I prevailed!  The original plan was to go for a morning walk at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  The garden (one of my favorite places in St. Louis) opens early on Wednesday's and Saturday's for people to come walk the grounds and last week a few co-workers and I went for a morning walk.  We decided to go again this week, but I woke up to thunder and rain.  Most unfortunate considering I knew I wouldn't have time for a workout at lunch (staff luncheon) or after work (Nick has t-ball games on Wednesday evenings and the boys are usually beat after his games).

I decided to make time for a workout though, particularly after dinner tonight.  On t-ball nights, we grab fast food for dinner (judge away, not a mom of the year moment either, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do), but I will usually try to stop at Subway first for myself.  Sadly, I did not have time for Subway tonight because I was running late (what's new?), so I figured a little McDonald's wouldn't hurt.  Wrong.  It was gross and I felt gross after I ate it.  I don't need McDonald's for a long time.

I thought I might hop on the elliptical after t-ball, but the thought of doing 30 minutes on the elliptical was really unappealing.  Give me the great outdoors anytime.  So after Nick's t-ball game, we came home, changed clothes and the boys and I headed out for a wog.  Jack was a little tired and Nick had just played a game of t-ball, but they both love going for wogs with me.  Plus, the beauty of summer is that it stays light later, so even though we didn't get to the trail until a little after 8, we still got 2.7 miles in before it got dark.  It was a touch humid; I don't really like feeling like I'm running with a wet blanket on, but it wasn't terribly hot, which was nice.  It was a good, sweaty run and I felt great afterwards.  And, I ran a few .25 mile stretches and a .5 mile stretch!  It was awesome!

The forecast for tomorrow looks promising for an outdoor run at lunch and I'm looking forward to it!  I'm going to challenge myself to run the entire way around the lake.  I got this!

"Run with your legs to be fast, run with your mind to be faster, run with your heart to be unstoppable."